Salman Khan's fan filed a complaint for snatching fan’s phone

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Salman Khan's fan filed a complaint for snatching fan’s phone

Salman Khan has landed in a controversy, as a complaint has been filed against the actor at the DN Nagar Police station in Mumbai.

The complainant has accused Khan of grasping his mobile phone while he was filming the actor while he was cycling on Linking Road.

According to reports, a journalist named Ashok Shyamlal Pandey claimed that once he and his fellow cameraman spotted Salman on the road, they started filming him after taking permission from the actor’s bodyguard. However, the same did not go down well with the actor which led to a major argument between the two parties. Pandey alleged that Salman’s bodyguards misbehaved with them and that the superstar snatched away his phone. Later, the phone was returned back to the journalist.

But a spectator, who was present while this entire incident was happening, has a different story to share. The person told, “Salman was cycling on the road when all of a sudden, these two guys came and started driving right next to him. After that, they constantly kept on clicking videos of the actor. Salman gestured and asked them not to do that. In fact, his bodyguards and team members who were following him behind came ahead and requested the guys to stop shooting immediately. One of the guys got down from the car and pretended like they had to take something out of the car boot. After that, they again continued moving and clicking videos. When Salman saw this, he again warned them but they didn’t pay heed to him. This was also causing a traffic jam, and then, Salman came and took away his phone. But after cycling a little ahead, he gave it to his bodyguards who returned the phone to the man.

Salman Khan's fan filed a complaint for snatching fan’s phone. Here's the video

On the work front, Salman Khan is currently awaiting the release of his upcoming film Bharat.

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