Rakhi Sawant's sister-in-law beats Deepak Kalal, video goes viral

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Rakhi Sawant's sister-in-law beats Deepak Kalal, video goes viral

Rakhi Sawant is in tremendous headlines about his marriage these days. However, her husband's picture has not been revealed yet. But from Suhagan's couple to honeymoon, Rakhi has posted many pictures of her wedding. Rakhi suddenly surprised everyone by getting married. But the one who was most shocked by the news of their marriage is comedian Deepak Kalal.

Deepak shared many videos after Rhee's marriage, in which he appears to threaten and call her abusive. Not only this, but Deepak has also abused Rakhi's husband Ritesh after which Ritesh's sister ie Rakhi's sister has beaten him fiercely. Rakhi has shared a video on her Instagram account in which Rakhi has a clean look and she has a friend with her.

Seen in the video, Nanad and his friend see Deepak sitting inside the restaurant and go inside. After this, he beats with Deepak and says' How did you tell Rakhi Sawant's husband? How dare you Apologize to Rakhi Sawant and Riteish '. After this Deepak apologizes with folded hands with Rakhi. It is clear in the video that both are torturing Deepak badly. This video is becoming quite viral on social media.

Source : http://www.dailycatchon.in/blogs/Rakhi-Sawant-sister-in-law-beats-Deepak-Kalal
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