Rakhi said Deepak as "brother" and abused him for that publicity stunt

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Rakhi said Deepak as "brother" and abused him for that publicity stunt

These days the videos of Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal are becoming pretty viral on the internet. Videos of Rakhi and Deepak Chahal are gross, they use unacceptable language in their videos.


But even more, a shocking video has been shared by Rakhi Sawant. Actually, Rakhi Sawant who had promised marriage with Deepak Kalal and with whom she had vowed to celebrate a live honeymoon, and now Rakhi Sawant has made the same Deepak Kalal as a brother. See This Video


Deepak often shares objectable videos on social media, and for this reason, Deepak was beaten in Gurugram. Earlier on the same video, Rakhi scolded that person for beating Deepak, but as soon as Rakhi Sawant came to know that Deepak had beaten for publicity, Rakhi shared a video and abused him.

Rakhi said in the video - Deepak I have not seen such cheap like you in the world. I was fighting for you from all over the world. I considered you as your brother but after today you do not call me I hate you. However, Rakhi also trolled on this video. Users also made many objectionable comments on Rakhi's post.

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