Happy Birthday My Gorgeous :- Abram Gets Sweetest Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday My Gorgeous :- Abram Gets Sweetest Birthday Wish

Abram Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest Son, turns 5 today. The little fellow is one of the most adorable B-Town Child. On the occasion of his birthday, Gauri posted a lovely picture of the two. She is seen giving him best birthday wishes by showering kisses. She wrote, "Happy bday, my gorgeous."

It is a picture perfect mom and son moment. Shah Rukh Khan is busy in New York for upcoming movie Zero. We are guessing that Abram and Gauri also might have flown in to celebrate the little one’s birthday. We remember how Gauri once said that Abram is the most pampered of the three kids. Dad SRK takes him along for shoots and she gets to spend very little time with the little munchkin. We guess it is family time on his birthday.

A few months back, a video of him dancing in a school function went viral. Everyone was bowled over by his charm. Earlier Rumours began to spread that Abram was the love-child of a then 15-year-old Aryan and a Romanian girl. However, SRK gave it back to the trolls at his recently-held TED Talk.

Talking in Ted show, He said, "Four years ago, my lovely wife Gauri and me decided to have a third child. It was claimed on the net that this child was the love child of our first child, Aryan Khan, who was 15 years old.

"Apparently, he had sowed his wild oats with a girl while driving his car in Romania. And yeah there was a fake video to go with it. And we were so disturbed as a family. My son, who is 19 now, even when you say hello to him he says, 'But bro, I didn't even have a European driving license'."

Every now and then, SRK reveals some interesting anecdote about him. He is also the most social of the three kids. He revealed how Abram thinks that Amitabh Bachchan is his father after seeing them together on TV. Isn’t that too sweet? Dailycatchon wishes the little fellow a great year ahead.