Chhavi Mittal slams a man who compared his pregnant wife with a Cow

Chhavi Mittal slams a man who compared his pregnant wife with a Cow

Television actress Chhavi Mittal who was last seen on Colors’ ‘Krishnadasi’ is expecting her second child with hubby Mohit Hussein.

The actress is enjoying her pregnancy phase to the fullest and keeps sharing her pictures on social media.

Well recently, the actress was left shocked when a man compared his pregnant wife with a ‘cow’ while asking for a weight loss tip for her from the actress.

Now, the actress slammed the man in a strong message and urged all men that women should be respected.

The actress took to her Instagram account and post a picture of herself flaunting her baby bump and wrote,

She wrote, “Let me begin by thanking each one of you who have been following my posts and inboxing/commenting with your feedback and queries. However, I was completely shocked by a query in my inbox recently. A husband reached out to me asking for weight loss tips for his pregnant wife, who he said “is becoming a cow already”! It pains me immensely to know that a husband, who is seeing his wife go through the daily pain of pregnancy can completely disregard the sacrifice that she has made in terms of her own body, to create a new life for both of them! How can somebody be so insensitive towards their own life partner! What sort of person can treat a woman, any woman in that way!

I implore all men, all husbands to RESPECT women around you. Especially if she is pregnant but nevertheless! A woman.. your wife… is getting ready to tear her own body apart to get this beautiful being into this world.. a world which she believes is full of love.. love for her and her baby… So love your wife, because nobody in the world will be with you in your worst times as much as your gorgeous wife, who sticks with you through your romance as much as she does through your rotten temper. And trust me, she will give you FAR more than you will ever give her in your whole life! #Wives” she added.

Chhavi got married to director Mohit Hussein in 2005. The couple is proud parents of a six-year-old daughter, Areeza.

The actress has acted in serials like Tumhari Disha, Virasat, Naaginn, and Ghar Ki Lakshmi.

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