'Balakot Air Strike' to be on the big screen, Vivek will be playing the lead role

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'Balakot Air Strike' to be on the big screen, Vivek will be playing the lead role

After the Pulwama attack, it has been announced to make a film on the famous Balakote attack which destroyed Pakistani terrorists in their house. Viewers who have seen a thrilling story in the Indian Army film Uri The Surgical Strike will be seen on the big screen this time with the tactical skills of Indian Air Force and the tactics of Jambaji. 

The film Balakot - True Story, which is going to be made in three languages, has been announced by famous writer, actor and producer Vivek Oberoi. Vivek Oberoi, who took part in India Day parade organized in many cities of America, is getting very good reactions for his previous film PM Narendra Modi.

Seeing these reactions, Vivek decided to make his next film on Balakot Air Strike and the film will be made in Tamil and Telugu in addition to Hindi. The film will be shot in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Agra and preparations have already begun to begin by the end of this year. In the film, the story of the Air Force will go a little behind and start with the Pulwama attack in which Pakistani terrorists killed 40 soldiers. Was murdered. 

The story of the bravery of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman will be an important part of this film. Abhinandan has also received this year's Vir Chakra Award and upon receiving the Vir Chakra, Vivek Oberoi also wrote a poem for him and shared it on his Twitter handle.

Talking about the film, Vivek says, "Being a citizen of a glorious India, a patriot and a member of the film industry, it becomes my duty to tell the stories of the armed forces of the country more and more. Reach people. I am thankful to the Indian Air Force that they trusted us for this story and we sincerely hope that we will live up to their trust.

Source : http://www.dailycatchon.in/blogs/Balakot-Air-Strike-to-be-on-the-big-screen
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