Best Food In Amritsar | Amritsar Special Food | Speciality Of Amritsar

Best Food In Amritsar | Amritsar Special Food | Speciality Of Amritsar

Discovering the top places to eat in Amritsar is rather a challenging job as Amritsar is studded with eating joints which are famous for their expertise in culinary art. Amritsar is the gem of Punjab, mainly dominated by hardcore Punjabis and Sikhs, who're known to be typical foodies.

When Amritsari delicacies are lined up to get a delicious party, you must let your taste buds indulge in? Blame it on that the pure ghee ka paratha, hot tandoori poultry, the divine langar or the malaidaar lassi, with regards to food- Amritsar definitely feels like heaven in the world! -

Dailycatchon brings to you the record of top places to eat in Amritsar, Punjab.

The best thing is the meals are infinite and fills a lot of hungry stomachs. Ambiance, A long dining hall, where guests are served meals on the marble flooring. Bustling with active servers and ravenous eaters.

Cuisine Speciality sumptuous(splendid) langar Prasad contains chapatti, dal, sabzi sometimes palak paneer, a sweet dish of rice and sugared milk which is given in Golden Temple and in other gurdwaras and believe us it's one of the delicious food on earth and it's completely free.

Cost Effective Places That one must visit:-

  1. Kesar Da Dhaba - Located in the bylanes of Shastri Market inside the town, Kesar Da Dhaba is a favorite eating joint best appropriate for households. This vegetarian restaurant is unquestionably a breather for vegetable people. The food is first class and totally yummy.

Their creamy desserts are only lip-smacking good. This place is regarded as among the top places to eat in Amritsar, according to a recent survey. Ambiance rooms are divided into two sections. Seating arrangements are decent with prompt service. On a flip side, rooms without AC are a bit too hot. Cuisine Speciality paranthas are crisp, but soft and visitors will find distinctive varieties of sabzis on the menu, that are served with loads of ghee on that the surface. Their primary specialty is the dessert items like that the phirni in cute earthen cups and that the mouth-watering lassi.

Speciality : - Thali includes Amritsari aloo kulcha (stuffed flatbread) or naan, kadhi pakode (fritters in yoghurt gravy), pindi chole (spicy chickpea curry), shahi paneer(rich cottage cheese gravy), jeera rice, dal makhani (black lentil) and sweet lassi.

Price Varies from INR 500 for two persons. Cards are also accepted.

Address:- Kesar Da Dhaba, Chowk Passian, Near Telephone Exchange, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Website :-

Best Food In Amritsar


2. Beera Chicken Corner - Visitors come from far off places to taste a bite of curried hot tandoor poultry Of the favorite roadside eatery joint Beera Chicken situated at Majitha Road. It's surely among the top places to eat in Amritsar for all those that wish to savor non-vegetarian food.

Good Ambiance is one’s restaurant plus point and beera delivers you that. Visitors have to enjoy the tasty poultry sitting in sober plastic chairs or have it in their very own car. Cuisine Speciality Out from that the world flavor with that the right mix of spices, that the tandoori poultry is made expertly along with is supple, tender along with juicy.

Speciality : - Non-Veg all items are awesome but must try punjabi’s favourite chicken BUTTER CHICKEN. Fish is also one of its popular item

Cost Range Approximately INR 500 for two persons and Cards are also accepted

Address  :- Beera Chicken, Majitha Rd, Sehaj Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

best Food in Amritsar

3. Bharawan Da Dhaba - Located near that the Golden Temple, Bharawan Da Dhaba is a great family restaurant with a loyal regular customer base.You can boast it to be the best and most authentic original Punjabi food joint.

Brothers Dhaba specialties are sarson ka saag and makke di roti, Amritsari Kulcha and chhole and Special Punjabi Thali that includes makhani dal and parathas. The Brothers' also offers vast varieties in food under one roof that include Chinese, South Indian, Pizza, Burger, Chat, Ice Cream- Sundaes, Shakes etc.

Stick to the traditional Punjabi food and you will come back licking your fingers.

Speciality : - Traditional Punjabi Food including thali, sarso da sag, makki di rotti etc.

Cost Range Approximately INR 350-400 for two persons and Cards are also accepted

Address :- Bharawan Da Dhaba, Near Town Hall, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

best Food in Amritsar

4.  Haveli - Amritsar :  Mostly know for its looks as you will find real Punjabi culture with authentic Punjabi food. People love to dine here as they feel as they are eating in a punjabi family. You will find statues of girls playing gidda, a truck and many more punjabi culture resemblances. When you will visit you will feel how colorful the punjabi culture is. Earlier haveli was only in Jalandhar but due to its demand they opened many more in punjab and one can be seen in amritsar.

Speciality :-  Sarson ka saag and makke di roti, Amritsari Kulcha and chhole and Special Punjabi Thali that includes makhani dal and parathas.

Cost Range Approximately INR 400-500 for two persons and Cards are also accepted

Address  :- Haveli - Amritsar, Amritsar - Jalandhar Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, Amritsar Punjab 143115

Website :-

best Food in Amritsar

5. Kulcha Land :- Kulcha Chole is a traditional Punjabi food and kulcha land is famous for this food. If you ever visit amritsar its must to eat one’s a kulcha. Amritsari Aloo Kulcha is made by stuffing potato filling into it. The dough required to make the Amritsari Kulcha is prepared in the same way as we knead to make any simple kulcha or bread.

Here You will get variety of Kulcha’s that include Masala Kulcha, Alloo Wala Kulcha, Pain Naan, Paneer Vala Kulcha Etc.

Speciality :-  Kulcha’s

Cost Range Approximately INR 80 - 125 for two persons

Address  :- Ranjit Avenue, B - Block Ranjit Avenue, Opp. M.K. Hotel, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Website :-

Note :  Ranking may be different according to your taste and preferences and Price may varies as per your order.  


best Food in Amritsar